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Just discovered your substack, been blazing through the posts allready, and what a great idea to travel for traditional cooking.

On a side note, the French are not great at cooking plain dry rice, be warned! Even in good restaurants the results are on the fence, risotto, Italian, the exeption.

On my travels in France i met lots of people asking the same question, what do we the Dutch eat traditionally? Meat, potatoes and a veg, oh, just like us they told me.

The average French people may have the advantage of having olive oil and proper vinegar to us the Dutch, i concede that our usual white vinegar, not to be confused with white spirit, both may strip paint, is pretty deadly compaired even to the most bottomshelf balsamico look a like.

So, thank you for sharing and have good travels!! Looking forward for the updates, cheers!!!

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I want to hear all about this English cooking. I suspect it's like some of the food I grew up with in Australia, before migrant influence changed everything. Please write more on this.

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So excited to follow along with the journey!

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